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Terence Boateng


Terence is a masters-trained, registered dietitian and certified exercise physiologist.

His specialty lies in providing nutrition counselling for body composition, combat sports, and digestive health with a focus on offering recommendations to complement training goals.

He earned a BSc. in Honours Kinesiology from the University of Waterloo before pursuing a BASc. & MHSc. in Nutrition from Ryerson University. This makes Terence a unique practitioner as he has a diverse range of knowledge in both exercise and nutrition that enables him to excel where these two disciplines meet.

While studying in school, he was an avid nutrition researcher working at Nutrition Discovery labs; this lab focused on analyzing how cognitive, behavioural, and hormonal measures are affected by food choices.

He also managed a testing facility where he ran metabolic testing, body composition analysis, and aerobic tests on clients using research-grade technology.

Terence was able to further expand his skills by interning for several companies and clinics. One noteworthy experience was Nutrigenomics, a company that does genetic testing on clients with a nutrition lens. He also interned at St. Michael’s hospital in their gastrointestinal unit and provided dietetic counselling to patients living with celiac disease, Crohn’s, and colitis, among many other conditions.

Terence’s goal is to help the clients he works with feel stronger, have more endurance, and improve their metabolic health.

Since becoming a registered dietitian, Terence has worked in several clinics in Toronto with a focus on counselling athletes and the general population. He was so motivated by the drive of combat sports athletes, that he decided to compete in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu himself. Here, Terence uses emerging nutrition research to fuel his own competitive goals.

While working as a dietitian, he also facilitated nutrition presentations with several large organizations, sports teams, and businesses who sought specific recommendations for their diverse needs. These varied experiences were parlayed into authorship, where Terence wrote a Bodybuilding 30-minute cookbook. This book focused on healthy recipes for amateur bodybuilders who are aiming to ‘bulk’, ‘cut’, or ‘maintain’ their physique.

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